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Colac Hoon

Colac Hoon

A 25 year old man will face court after his vehicle was found crashed in Elliminyt

A 25-year-old man has been caught drink driving after police found his car crashed off Forest Street Elliminyt.

Colac Police were called out to the incident on Tuesday night, where it was reported a vehicle had lost control and gone through a fence.

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The two occupants of the vehicle were found uninjured but the 25 year old male driver returned a positive breath test.

He was taken back to the Colac Police Station, where he blew a reading of 0.161, over three times the legal limit.

He has been summoned to appear at the Colac Magistrates Court for drink driving, hoon driving and drug offences.

Both occupants did not have valid reasons to be hooning around and will also receive fines for failing to comply with the CHO direction to remain at home.

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