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Cobden schools

Cobden schools

Classes resume

It'll be back to school in Cobden on Monday for the kids who had to be moved before the holidays when the peat fire smoke rolled in.

Air quality warnings for people around Cobden have been downgraded by authorities.

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CFA Incident Controller Mark Gunning says help will be on hand at schools for kids who want to talk about their fire experience.

Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley says it's very important for kids in the fire zone to return to school.

"We know the connection back to school, back to normality is a very important step.

Residents in the fire zone who think their tank water might be affected are being urged to contact Wannon Water.

The Corangamite Shire says drinking water tanks could be contaminated by debris, ash, dead animals or aerial fire retardants.

The Shire says if the water tastes, looks or smells unusual then don't drink it or give it to animals.

The Council says the affected tanks would need to be flushed clean and re-filled.

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