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Safety Paramount

Safety Paramount


Safety Urged Ahead Of Chinese New Year Start

This weekend marks the start of the Chinese New Year, one of the busiest times in the tourist areas of the southwest.

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The increased activity on the roads has historically meant more incidents, but Senior Sergeant of the Colac Police Station Ken Slingbsy wants to rewrite that fact. He urged local residents to take extra caution.

"Yes the Chinese New Year. We get a lot more people coming down our way through Chinese New Year. We get bus loads of tourists through the period, so our roads are going to be very busy all weekend. You'll have people returning from summer holidays but also people who are coming down for the weekend so please be careful.

"Chinese New Year starts on the 25th which is Saturday and I think it runs for 10 days, so it's a pretty long time. The safety message is urged throughout the entire 10 days."

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