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Change Clock, Check Alarm

Change Clock, Check Alarm

Daylight Savings Means It's Time To Check Smoke Alarms

With the clocks going forward one hour as daylight savings comes back into effect this Sunday morning, its a timely reminder for people to check their smoke alarms.

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District 6 Operations Manager Mark Gunning said testing the alarms is critical.

"Change your clock, check your smoke alarm. So older smoke alarms will have a battery that may need changing, so please do so, but if you've got a new 10 year lithium battery smoke alarm, it's a good time to check it. It'll have a test button, give it a beep, make sure it's working so it'll be there when you need it most.

"If you've got an old alarm and you're worried about it, it never hurts to upgrade. The 10 year lithium batteries give you peace of mind that they'll work for longer, but they're not without their own maintenance. Get your vacuum cleaner with the little brush attachment, make sure there's no dust build-up in them. Give them that test, make sure they're working properly.

"The big killer in house-fires is smoke. The chemicals that are in the smoke, they're produced in great quantities and can fill a house really quickly. The smoke alarm gives residents an early warning so they can get out and get to a safe place.

"Don't stop to grab your possessions, just get out. Have a plan as to where the family is going to meet, so they're all accounted for. It's really important that people don't try to hold their breath, smoke will enter your system whether you're holding your breath or whether you're inhaling."

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