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Facilities Closed

Facilities Closed

Colac Otway Shire Forced To Close More Facilities

The latest closure for council managed facilities are the caravan parks - including Lake Colac, Forrest and Meredith Park.

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The closures come as the state prepares for a stage 3 lockdown, to help flatten the curve of COVID-19.

Colac Otway Shire CEO Peter Brown said those who permanently resided in the parks would not be asked to evacuate.

"They (Government) have said that if it's someones primary place of residence, we will work with them to be able to stay there."

Mr Brown said they had a number of people who lived full time throughout some of the regions Caravan Parks.

"We have a number of people at Meredith Park and also a number of people at the Lake Colac Caravan Park and the Forrest Caravan Park who will be staying there, as that is there permanent place of residence."

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