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CAH Testing Update

CAH Testing Update

Colac Area Health continues to see increased numbers for testing

Colac Area Health CEO Fiona Brew has called for patience, with frustrated customers experiencing waiting times when receiving a COVID test.

Ms Brew said she understands peoples frustration, but reminded us nurses are trying their hardest in tough conditions.

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"I've had complaints about the waiting times and often people are having to wait an hour, an hour and a quarter," she said.

"If you do go to some of the other places, often people are waiting four to nine hours."

"So I understand it's frustrating and it's not how we want it to be, it does take time and the staff just need to be respected in doing their job."

Ms. Brew confirmed testing will return to COPACC this week, with Colac Otway Shire Council giving the all clear, after the service was offered through Neighbourhood House last week.

"Unfortunately the Council couldn't support us with COPACC and that made it more challenging, doing it through Neighbourhood House but this week we have been able to secure COPACC again."

"It is a better venue, but again we've got to work with people and their availabilities, that impacts on what we can do."

Over 60 tests were conducted last week, Ms. Brew says with state border closures testing typically ramps up.

"We're constantly looking at the days we're opening and very much the demand will determine."

"We routinely open Monday, Wednesday and Friday but again I ask for peoples patience."

"But what we find is every time a border is closed, we get a rebound in testing so with South Australia closing, I think we did about 60 on Wednesday."

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