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Colac Area Health Update

Colac Area Health Update

Colac Area Health Provide Local Update On Coronavirus

With over 160 people now confirmed to have contracted the COVID-19 virus within Australia, Colac Area Health have employed a local pandemic plan, should the virus reach the Southwest.

Colac Area Health CEO spoke exclusively to Mixx FM and 3CS this afternoon and provided the following statement.

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"Some of the things that people do need to be aware of, is if you need to come to the hospital, you've recently traveled overseas and you have flu like symptoms, you need to ring ahead of time. It's not that we won't see you, but it's preparation to make sure our staff, other patients and the community are safe," Brew said.

Brew also stated steps were being put in place to keep aged care facilities safe.

"We're encouraging people who have been showing cold like symptoms, whether you're a family member, friend or regular visitor, do not come to any of our aged care facilities. We're working with the Colac Otway Shire Council to make sure our communication with our aged care facilities is really clear."

"Urgent care itself, we're likely to see people come in. When people come in, you might notice that there is a different area you will come in and a different alternative, so we can keep you separate from the rest of the emergency clinic. Just communicate with us ahead of time so we can accommodate you and we'll all be fine."

Brew confirmed Colac Area Health are working constantly with our local GP practices.

"I do know they've been testing people in the car parks in Colac, which I'm happy with. We need to also keep our staff safe as much as we need to keep the community safe. I'm really comfortable with where we're at as a region. We're in constant contact with authorities, but I am aware that things are changing every hour and every day, we've seen that this morning with the Grand Prix and with the Cricket."

"We've updated our pandemic plan because of the virus. It's probably a matter of 'when' not 'if' the virus comes to Colac. I cannot stress enough to practice common hygiene, wash your hands, take all the precautionary steps. The best place for people, unless they need medical attention is there home. Keep the fluids up, stay safe and just self isolate."

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