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Burn Offs

Burn Offs

District 6 And Their Major Headache: Burn Offs

Coming into the warmer months, District 6 authorities are urging local property owners go about burning off in the correct way.

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Operations Manager Mark Gunning said a number of burn offs had been attended over the past weeks.

"A number of burn offs have been taking place, and it's great that people are cleaning up but they need to be reminded they can only burn natural waste; leaves, branches, garden litter and the like. Any manmade product can't be burnt.

"In a lot of the townships in our municipalities, burning's restricted. In the Colac Otway Shire you can only burn off on Fridays and Saturdays 10am till sunset. We really strongly recommend that people ring the burn off notification number on 1800 668 511, so they don't end up with someone calling in a fire and getting an emergency response with a fire truck on your door.

"So burning overnight's a no-no. It sits in the air and causes health effects for people with respiratory disorders. The other thing is just silly burning of indiscriminate products; plastics and household rubbish which give off really toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.

"Our volunteer brigades have responded to a number of events that they don't need to go to. That puts more time pressure on already time-poor volunteers. So by registering your burn off and burning the right materials it means our volunteers are available to respond to emergencies where they're really needed."

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