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Contractors Work Hard

Contractors Work Hard

Contractors Work Through The Weekend To Fix Bluewater Roof

After engineers found issues with its structural safety, the ceiling at Bluewater Leisure Centre has been removed.

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Contractors worked through the night to dismantle the public safety concern.

Manager of Infrastructure and Leisure Services Tony McGann confirmed council wanted to reopen the space sometime this week.

"The project is being done by a local company, Pipeline Fabrications, they've just been incredible. They worked I think until 9pm on Saturday night.

"The whole ceiling has been removed, the roof is going to stay in place and we're working on that because it's worn out. So we're looking to get that replaced in the future, but the ceiling was the problem.

"So Pipeline have removed the ceiling, we're looking to get the area cleaned up and have the area back open to the public, with a bit of luck by the end of this week.

"So the problem was that where the ceiling was hung off the roof, those connections had become corroded over 28 years. So the quick fix is to remove the ceiling, so it doesn't present a problem anymore.

"What we're doing is working with the council to get a permanent solution for the roof and ceiling, we want to get that done in the next financial year.

"We've got to get the works designed and then work out what they cost, but the urgent thing was to get rid of the ceiling."

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