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Beeac Farmers On Safety

Beeac Farmers On Safety

Beeac brothers Tom and Bill Alston star in WorkSafe's farm safety campaign

by Will Boddington

Local farmer brothers are the latest to star in a WorkSafe Victoria campaign promoting farm safety.

As part of the 'it's never you until it is' campaign's next step, farmers are sharing their own stories to help start important conversations and change attitudes around safety in agriculture.

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Beeac brothers Tom and Bill Alston are the latest farmers to add their voices to the campaign.

The pair run Stonyhurst Pastoral, a 6500-acre cattle and Merino wool operation.

In a video with WorkSafe, the brothers share how a motorbike incident on the farm led them to re-think their approach to safety.

The brothers are big proponents of using technology to make their farm safer and more efficient and now use drones to round up sheep across the farm's rocky terrain.

Tom said through the WorkSafe website's video series, safety should be top priority.

"Safety is incredibly important on a farm, it's number one," he said.

"I wouldn't want anything to happen to me or my family so you wouldn't want that on any of your workers or their families as well."

"I think there's a bad culture in farming that 'my father did it that way' and 'my father's father did it that way' so that's just way it should be done."

"I think that needs to be changed a fair bit because a lot of farming practices can be done a lot safer."

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