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ALC Vaccine Hub

ALC Vaccine Hub

ALC Is Hosting A Pfizer Vaccine Hub For Employees

Australian Lamb Company has joined with the Colac Area Health to host an on-site COVID-19 vaccine operation.

CEO Dale Smith hopes 80 per cent of the workforce is vaccinated by early next month.

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“The clinic, which will be overseen by Colac Area Health, is expected to administer 190 doses of Pfizer to ALC workers at the Colac facility," Mr. Smith said.

“By the time workers receive their second dose of Pfizer in October, we expect more than 80% of ALC’s total workforce will be fully vaccinated," he said.

It's the first operation for the organisation that offers Pfizer to its employees.

“ALC had previously conducted on-site vaccination clinics which were conducted earlier this year.

“The on-site vaccination clinics are an easier way to get workers vaccinated with ALC staff supporting workers to complete the necessary paperwork and scheduling appointment times.

“It also provides a familiar and supportive setting for vaccine-uncertain workers, especially when they see their co-workers lining up for shots.

“ALC remains pro-vaccination and is strongly encouraging workers to become vaccinated to not only protect themselves, but their families, friends, workmates and the community.

“But we also respect an individual’s freedom of choice in relation to their vaccination status."

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